The concept of this summer camp is based on an educational and historical approach that focuses on the personal, social, and cultural development of a child. S&E provides the children with a variety of activities, including sports activities, creative workshops, field trips, group games, outdoor activities, music sessions, and shows.

The summer camp program is organized by a team of qualified professionals, including educators, animators, recreative counselors, and instructors specialized in different fields. S&E Agency works closely with parents to ensure that their children get the most out of this experience.

The Agency plans to involve the children in the organization of the summer camp by allowing them to choose some of the activities they would like to do and by encouraging them to be engaged in creative projects.

S&E Agency is convinced that this will allow children to develop self-confidence and learn important skills such as decision-making and time management.

During their stay, the S & E Agency gives children the opportunity to visit the best secondary and University establishments in Rwanda.


S&E Agency hosts all children, whether they have a disability or not. However, the number of children with disabilities in the group is limited to optimize their support and accessibility.

The staff of S&E Agency is mobilized in the hosting of children with disabilities during their stays and in need, the Agency can hire a specialized staff for the cases of children requiring special follow-up.

  • Develop the child’s autonomy, and guarantee the emotional security and well-being of the child.
  • Encourage the child to be taken care of by himself within the framework of the community.
  • Promote self-confidence.
  • Develop the notion of listening respect within the group.