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S&E Agency Ltd is an Agency operating in Rwanda with a mission to provide the highest level of travel service to our clients. We organize summer camps, sell air-ticket, help you get a hotel of your taste at a good price, and provide you with car rental services. 

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S & E Travel Agency is one of the best travel agencies in Kigali. providing services with competitive rates. In terms of customer service, it’s the one to do quickly deliver services to the clients with the information needed. When you choose to travel with us you can expect us to always prioritize your safety. It’s easy to book with us: just visit our air-ticket booking page or give us a call or write an email to us via contact details found on our contact page.

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You can find the best rental prices on luxury, economy, and family rental cars with S & E Agency. We guarantee secured journeys with friendly services, new comfortable cars with low price and with option of self-drive or with a driver as per your choice. Visit car rentals page to book your favorite car with us.

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In partnership with different hotels, S & E Agency facilitates your booking in hotels with elegant rooms and suites of your choice. With our partners you can enjoy your stay in Kigali and receiving the great deals for area of exhibitions, meetings, wedding, corporation dinners, romantic dinners, and accommodations. You can visit our hotel booking page and make your reservation in any hotel of your choice among our hotel partners.

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