Inclusive summer camps.

Meet Igor, a teenage boy born with autism

Igor is a teenager with autism since his birth. Autism is characterized by problems with social communication and interaction, and restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests. Therefore, these characteristics can make life very challenging not only for him but also for the people of their environment, especially their parents.

S & E Agency started the inclusive summer camps with the aim on the one hand of helping these children/teenagers to fully enjoy their vacation and on the other hand helping their parents to rest knowing that their children are in good hands.

Igor, despite his autism, is happy and calm with others.  Normally he has repetitive movements, such as flapping his hands, flicking his fingers, not talking as much as other children and not interacting with others during play.

Igor’s message to the parents: “I invite our parents to give us opportunities to spend holidays with the others. Do you know, with the support we received from you and from specialized supervisors, we can do a lot of things? You just need to have confidence in us and take the risk of giving us a few days to discover another part of us that you don’t know. I love you.”

Having participated in the summer camp organized in Rwanda and spent wonderful and unforgettable moments there. I invite all children and teenagers without exception to join us in the next edition which will be organized soon, I would also like to meet children with disabilities like me to share this experience. Let’s not be afraid or ashamed of our disability, we also have the right to be happy.